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Corporate Governance

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Mission Statement

At World Copper, we pledge to enhance the well-being of our communities, safeguard the environments we operate in, and foster sustainable and safe business practices with respect and benefit for all stakeholders. Our focus is on creating lasting, meaningful connections with local communities and employees, balancing growth with consistent environmental stewardship.


With our flagship Zonia Project, World Copper is looking to lead the transition toward a greener copper industry, as we strive to become the first Net Zero, zero-emission and zero-discharge, copper mine in the United States. Our efforts revolve around significantly reducing our environmental footprint by adopting the best available practices to preserve cultural heritage and natural biodiversity. We are dedicated to a comprehensive, inclusive approach that maintains respectful relationships with the communities we serve, and works to preserve the natural world.


Health and safety are fundamental to our business culture, representing core values both at home and at work. The well-being of our employees and communities is our top priority and a critical pillar of resilient mining operations. We commit to stringent standards, processes, and tools throughout our business to ensure the safety and health of our people and communities. Our health and safety practices lay the groundwork for the long-term well-being of our employees and their families.


At World Copper, we produce clean copper in America’s copper heartland to support global carbon neutrality. Essential for decarbonization in energy production, copper is crucial for electric vehicles, solar power, and modern infrastructure. Using advanced green technologies, we minimize and offset carbon emissions at our Zonia project, aiming for a sustainable, carbon-neutral future. We strive to raise industry decarbonization standards, drive progress, and address environmental challenges. Our ethical operations emphasize transparency, human rights, and voluntary initiatives that exceed current greenhouse gas reduction and environmental protection standards.


We are deeply committed to ethical business practices and transparency, recognizing that integrity and openness are essential for building trust and accountability with our shareholders and associated communities. We adhere to the highest ethical standards, ensuring that our operations are conducted fairly, legally, and with the utmost respect for the local groups and environments that we impact. Our commitment extends beyond compliance; we seek to engage proactively with local groups, investors, and industry partners to provide clear, timely information about our activities. All while fostering collaborative solutions, responsible innovation, and dedication to our social, economic, and environmental responsibilities.

Balanced Approach

We believe in a balanced approach where the growth opportunities of our communities and our business coexist in harmony. As we endeavor to produce copper in an environmentally responsible manner, our emphasis is on minimizing impact while protecting the natural environment that we operate within. Providing clean copper and operating a safe and sustainable business today, we are working actively to build a foundation for the generations of tomorrow.

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